1st 2nd
Closest to the Hole #14: 0-10 HDCP Ben Olson Dan Kaczmarek
Closest to the Hole #14: 11 & Above HDCP Tanner Rice  
Longest Drive #18: 0-10 HDCP Jake Henry Scott Lamb
Longest Drive #18: 11 & Above HDCP Matt Zafirovski Scott Murley

June Seaman Trophy

Place Players
1st Place Gideon Traub
57 Jake Henry
Michael Burns
Steve Griesemer
Kevin Butts
Place Players
2nd Place Kevin Marion
57 Brian Stahulak
Dr. John Walkup
Ross Holdren
Peter Allport
Place Players
3rd Place Travis Johns
58 Jan Krems
Dave Eriksen
Greg Hart
Arthur Hart
Place Players
4th Place Bret Leon
58 Tony Hoban
Roger Christoph
Rich Adams
Clay Struve

Hubby Habjan Trophy

Score Low Professional
68 Andy Mickelson

Leo H. Schoenhofen Trophy

# of Skins Most Skins
14 Ben Olson

Dean J. Patenaude Trophy

Score Low Amatuer
69 Charlie Waddell

Low Gross

Place Players
1st Place Ian Brown - Pro
64 Andy Ward
Rik Geiersbach
Casey Magner
Mac Hines
Place Players
2nd Place Nick Gonneville - Pro
65 Bob Pasquesi
Tommy O'Neil
Joe Byers
Ryan Vaile

Lurie Children's Pro-Am Championship

Team Results — 9/12/2020

Place Team Score
1st Gideon Traub 57
2nd Kevin Marion 57
3rd Travis Johns 58
4th Bret Leon 58
5th Andy Mickelson 58
6th Michael Picciano 59
7th Andrew Stevens 59
8th Nick Papadakes 59
9th Gary Groh 59
10th Frank Hohenadel 59

Scramble Format:

Place Professional Score
1st Rich Tock 55.3
2nd Lance Olson 56.4
3rd Bill Reid 58.65
4th Michael Haywood 59.25

Lurie Children's Pro-Am Championship

Professional Results — 9/12/2020

Place Professional Score
1st Andy Mickelson 68
2nd Tim Streng 70
2nd Jeff Kellen 70
4th Danny Watters 71
4th Travis Johns 71
4th Bret Leon 71
4th Michael Picciano 71
8th Peter McDonald 72
8th Andrew Stevens 72
8th Nick Papadakes 72
8th Frank Hohenadel 72
12th Derek Kelso 73
12th Gideon Traub 73
14th Zach Filder 74
14th Nick Gonneville 74
14th Ian Brown 74
14th Gary Groh 74
18th Jeff Pajula 75
19th Matt Fonner 76
19th Kevin Marion 76
21st Jason Moss 77
21st John Varner 77
21st John Cleary 77
21st Marcus DeKeyser 77
25th Randy Bolstad 78
25th Adrian Jolliffee 78
27th Wade Gurysh 79
27th Mike O'Reilly 79
27th Brad Rouse 79