Morning Tee Times*

#1 Tee Professional Country Club Golfer #1 Golfer #2 Golfer #3 Golfer #4 Amateur Affiliation
7:10 AM Matt Fonner Ravinia Green C.C. Dan Barry Justin Small Vince DiGrande Grant Hanna Hawkins/Barry
7:30 AM Jeff Kellen Butler National L. Robert Pasquesi Brayton Alley Joseph McGowan III Barrett Davie Pasquesi Sheppard LLC
7:40 AM Jason Moss Old Elm Club Andy Andress Mike Miller Michael Loiacano Rence Oliphant Andy Andress
7:50 AM Nick Gonneville Bob O'Link Robert J. Pasquesi Thomas C. O'Neil, Jr. Michael Murlas Ryan Vaile Pasquesi Sheppard LLC
8:00 AM Shaun McElroy North Shore C.C. Chris Baker Tom Raines Ryan Duncan Ryan McCain Wintrust
8:10 AM Mike Troy Zigfield Troy Golf Club Angelo Bufalino Kim Sobinsky Pat Vacala Kevin Bufalino Wintrust
8:20 AM Randy Bolstad Oak Brook Hills Bill Osborne Amie Osborne Dave Dohnalek Joe Dohnalek The Boeing Company
8:30 AM Ian Brown Butterfield C.C. Andy Ward Rik Geiersbach Casey Magner Mac Hines The Boeing Company/Magner/Hines
8:40 AM Bill Reid Sunset Ridge C.C. Michael Fosnaugh David Herbert Rod Aliabadi Ben York Vista Equity Partners
8:50 AM Eric Emmel North Shore C.C. Josh Niedner Nicolas Stahl Tyler Kellner Evan Escobedo Vista Equity Partners
9:00 AM Rick Tock Erin Hills Jan Krems Dave Eriksen Greg Hart Arthur Hart United Airlines
9:10 AM Mike O'Reilly Whistling Straits Kirk Limacher Greg Stephans Phil Griffith Scott Reynolds United Airlines
#10 Tee Professional Country Club Golfer #1 Golfer #2 Golfer #3 Golfer #4 Amateur Affiliation
7:10 AM Nick Cuca S.M.A.R.T Golf and Fitness Heather Bartell Laura Janssen Christopher Murphy Will Plodzeen Duff & Phelps/Centerpoint Properties
7:30 AM Wade Gurysh Knollwood Club Dan Kaczmarek John Burke Christopher Leffingwell Tyler Metcalf Chartwell/Randall Metals
7:40 AM Zach Fidler Lakeshore C.C. Brandon Rolek Ham Kerr Bert Getz Chris Valenti Northern Trust/Globe Corporation
7:50 AM Jeff Pajula Stonewall Orchard Sherman Reynolds David Buhl Drew Oppenheimer Jason Raymond Sherman Reynolds
8:00 AM Dennis Johnsen Pine Meadow Andy Kucich Tim Kubis Don Maag Cody Dunifon Reynolds/Kucich
8:10 AM Dan Watters Bob O'Link David Boles Mark Hinkamp John Croghan George Kaiser David Boles/JPMorgan
8:20 AM Scott Baines Bryn Mawr C.C. Toby Davis Henry Davis Gordie Campbell Ryan Heaney Toby Davis/
8:30 AM Peter McDonald Shoreacres Tom Donovan Jeff Buettner Tanner Rice Rodd Specketer The Quinn Family
8:40 AM John Varner Beverly C.C. Pat Barry Mark Pierce David Braun Jack Connery The Quinn Family
8:50 AM Adrian Jolliffee Cascade Hills C.C. Scott Lamb Matt Erickson Kyler Ferguson Jerry Maatman Envestnet/Rainier Real Estate Partners
9:00 AM Gary Groh Bob O'Link Joe Pasquesi Richard Cortesi Sam Skinner Sam Skinner J. Pasquesi/Cortesi/Skinner
9:10 AM Andrew Stevens Stonebridge C.C. Brad Harper Andrew Goltra Matt Wolbrink James Kalinowski Uline
* Tee times and pro assignments are subject to change. Staff will reach out to confirm changes.

Afternoon Tee Times*

#1 Tee Professional Country Club Golfer #1 Golfer #2 Golfer #3 Golfer #4 Amateur Affiliation
11:50 AM Nick Papadakes Onwentsia Club Doug Goodwillie Patrick Goodwillie David Koo Joe Simon The Goodwillie Family
12:00 PM Michael Haywood The Player's Institute Mat VanderKloot Barbara VanderKloot Larry Ekstrom Laura Ekstrom George and June Block Family Foundation
12:10 PM Michael Picciano Bull Valley Golf Club Nick Bozich Walker Stadler Brandon Rolfes Brian Flanigan Nick Bozich Group/Brian Flanigan
12:20 PM Lance Olson Champaign C.C. Mike Zafirovski Matt Zafirovski Todd Zafirovski Kirk Zafirovski The Zafirovski Family
12:30 PM Derek Kelso Shoreacres Kenneth Escoe Brian Guerrant Bill Gu Pat Talano ITW
12:40 PM Dave Hawkins Lake Geneva C.C. Aaryn Pure Tim Andruskiewicz Tom Brandtner Jonathan Britva Aaryn Pure
12:50 PM Eric Goettsch C.C. of the Rockies Jim Gorter David "Sid" Gorter Chris Gorter Taylor Gorter The Gorter Family
1:00 PM Andy Mickelson Mistwood F. Quinn Stepan F. Quinn Stepan Jr. Richard Stepan Quinn Stepan Stepan Company
1:10 PM Jason Waters The Club at Wynstone Dan Murphy Randy Krebs Jim Baloun Mike Bulaw Dan Murphy
1:20 PM Joe Strahl The Club at Wynstone JoAnn Murphy Tae Haider-Krebs Jill Baloun Ineta Bulaw JoAnn Murphy
#10 Tee Professional Country Club Golfer #1 Golfer #2 Golfer #3 Golfer #4 Amateur Affiliation
11:50 AM Tim Streng Wildcat Academy Jeff Yehle Jamie Wildman Will Carney Grove Mower Yehle/Wildman/Carney/Mower
12:00 PM Bret Leon Old Elm Club Tony Hoban Roger Christoph Rich Adams Clay Struve William Blair
12:10 PM Brad Rouse Renwood Golf Club Frank Ponterio Dave Linden Rob Berner Rick Juneau Bulley & Andrews
12:20 PM Kavin Marion Old Elm Club Brian Stahulak Dr. John Walkup Ross Holdren Peter Allport Stahulak/Walkup/Holdren/Allport
12:30 PM John Cleary Exmoor C.C. Boyd Vor Broker Bruce Vor Broker Will Bloom Steve Nelson Axis Automation/Chartwell
12:40 PM Gideon Traub Skokie C.C. Jake Henry Michael Burns Steve Griesemer Kevin Butts McKinsey & Co./May River Capital
12:50 PM Marcus DeKeyser Prestwick C.C. Robert Murley Michael Doyle Scott Murley Ben Olson Robert Murley
1:00 PM Frank Hoenadel Mistwood Charlie Waddell Stuart Lansing Rick Waddell Rob Lansing Waddell/Lansing
* Tee times and pro assignments are subject to change. Staff will reach out to confirm changes.
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Although this year's event will look a bit different from years past due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please know that your support means more now than ever and we are excited to continue the Pro Am tradition and have a great time together on the green!

For more information, please contact Concy Richards at


Player Safety Guidelines

Any players with any symptoms of covid-19 should not play. In addition, any players from a household with someone with symptoms of covid-19 should not play.

Players and employees should maintain social distance (of at least 6 feet) on practice areas, tees, greens and throughout the round.

Players should wear a mask at registration and all off-course locations of Onwentsia Club. Players should handle their own golf balls.

Players should leave the flag in place while putting.

Players should bring hand sanitizer with them and use during your round and at the end.

Players should bring their own supply of balls, tees, ball markers and any other equipment needed to play golf.

No handshakes at the beginning of the round or at the 18th hole.