We Fundraise

One of the key priorities of the Founders’ Board has always been to effectively engage and steward the Board’s community of donors and successfully meet short and long-term fundraising goals that support the mission of Lurie Children’s.

The Founders’ Board hosts a number of annual signature events, all of which raise significant funding to help promote the most critical hospital initiatives and research:

Proceeds from this year’s events will fund a three-year $7.5 million gift, which supports New Frontiers in Pediatric Medicine and Research. This pledge aligns directly with the Hospital’s strategic plan and will provide philanthropic support to three key areas:

Transformational Research

The Founders’ Board continues to support a new frontier of research focused on investigating the Perinatal Origins of Disease, while also providing funding to recruit a placental biologist. This researcher will focus on identifying and understanding causes of infant disease before the child is even born in order to optimize neonatal infant outcomes.

Community-Based Healthcare Delivery

The Founders’ Board continues to support the establishment of a new frontier of community healthcare providers. These individuals, which represent a new kind of healthcare professional at Lurie Children’s, will bring the expertise of Lurie Children’s into the homes and communities where it is needed most. Specifically, our goal is to provide young mothers with the resources they need to create a safe and healthy environment for their unborn babies, thereby ensuring a healthier start for these children at a very critical time in their lives.

An Innovative Chair in Medical Ethics

The Founders’ Board continues to support and fully fund a new frontier in leadership, through an Endowed Chair in Medical Ethics. This important thought leader will provide guidance and counsel to our caregivers as they support families facing challenging situations and decisions as a result of their child’s illness and suggested treatment protocol.

As was the case over 135 years ago when Julia Foster Porter founded our hospital, the Founders’ Board continues to blaze new trails in Chicago – and beyond – through the adoption of this commitment.